Single & Loved: Prayer

Lord, I need your help.

Help me to embrace the warmth of your hand on my life.

Help me to remember that your plans are to prosper me and not to harm me, to give me a future and a hope.

Help me to believe that I matter to you; you know the count of every strand on my head.

Help me to experience your love even though it is too great to understand fully.

Help me to be made complete with the fullness of life and power that comes from you.

Help me to reject the lie that being whole requires being with someone.

Help me to forgive others and to forgive myself.

Help me to get excited just thinking about your active work in my life and in my heart.

Help me to know that you are a God of possibility and restoration. Generational hurts will end with me.

Help me to keep it real with you, and to not sugarcoat when I feel sad, lonely, upset, or overlooked.

Help me to sing your words and promises over my life like I sing my favorite song.

Help me to trust in your timing and to live in adventure and awe today.

Help me to celebrate being fearfully and wonderfully made.

Help me to write and recite a list of everything that I love about myself.

Help me to surrender my insecurities to you that your power may work in my weaknesses.

Help me to take a stand against jealousy and comparison.

Help me to use my talents and gifts for your glory.

Help me to seek you first and crave your presence.

Help me to look forward to talking to you about everything: my day, my fears, and my hopes.

Help me to know and desire your best for me.

Help me to recognize that you are my true treasure.

Help me to not sacrifice my authenticity for anyone’s company.

Help me to remember that I am never truly alone.

Amen. 💜

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