Jess Reed


Hey, everyone! I am a writer, youth educator, and proud ice cream lover from Detroit, Michigan. I am passionate about encouraging others as I encourage myself. My blog, Roots and Hope, offers soulful reflections on faith, healing, and young adulting.

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    Dear Jess,
    I was delighted to hear (your voice) and learn of you and your deep concern for the African American community and others on Monigue Russell’s podcast from last you were her first live Interviewee. Wonderful insights.
    As you hail from Detroit, I was further connected to you because of a thought provoking book I am reading (July,2021) by John McClane entitled-“The Holocaust of Triggerization” about that very area and how it’s influence is affecting the global community around it. Your encouraging words for the “now” as you have experienced other cultures through your studies and travel are commendable and reassuring. Please continue to pursue the “Whatever things… of Philippians 4:8 along with the awareness that without an Internal change of the mind and spirit (4:5-7) we will continue to see “wars and rumors of wars” within and without.
    The book is written by an African American man and even though it is self published, it can be purchased on Amazon. Let me know what you think. I would like to keep in touch.
    To your continued success,
    Mrs. Bobbie Williams-Bell


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