Soulful Solace: Jess’ spotify Playlists

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Pretty Soul boasts sonically beautiful and heartfelt lyrics whether born out of hope or surrender. It is a musical chill pill kinda like soulful solitude on a summer night.
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Soulful Samples is a collection of 196 songs across R&B, Hip-Hop, and Funk, along with a lil House, Reggae, & Gospel. Throughout the 14-hour long playlist, you can enjoy a journey through Black musical homages, ft. originals, samples, & covers. I’ll add more songs as they come to me. I hope you enjoy them! Feel free to share, too! 🙂 
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I love music. It’s one way to feed myself with hope and encouragement. Triumph is full of songs about joy, overcoming, being more than enough, happiness, and hope. Please enjoy it, and feel free to share! Link:

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