Sometimes, I know that being


and whole

at the same time

is possible.

Sometimes, lessons only

heal me

when I hear them in solitude.

Sometimes, adventure only

comes alive

when I follow the pace

of my own

schedule and curiosity.

Sometimes, I need to be

anonymous to everyone

in my surroundings

except for God

to learn that I am enough.


people watching by myself

in crowded places

helps me to breathe

outside of my head.


And sometimes, bravery

looks like refusing

to postpone living

on occasion

that I don’t have a plus one.

Maybe, I am not the only one

learning how to determine

which balance

of retreating and connecting

is best for me.

Maybe, I am not the only one

hoping to honor

that love for God

love for self,

and love for others

makes its home

in the shared accommodation

of aloneness and community.

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