Bare Beauty

I feel comically naked and tremendously plain. It is rare for me to go any day without adorning myself with earrings. A girl of simplicity, in some ways, I definitely don’t have the most fashion sense. My closet is minimalistic with the exception of “show OUT” items for special occasions 😂. So long as I can confidently wear my smile and a pair of earrings though, I am more likely to feel better about my appearance. Unfortunately, my sensitive ear lobes have finally stopped allowing my antics.

For years, I have had a nickel metal allergy. Not even the cute, cheap fashion jewelry with “nickel free” on the packaging is sufficiently gentle. While there are “real” earrings out there, they are, of course, more expensive and far less expressive. I recently confronted these annoyances by challenging myself to try something new. Rather than bearing discomfort, constantly applying clear polish on my earrings, or buying special sprays to apply to fake jewelry, I went bare.

Even if no one else who regularly saw me noticed, I was keenly aware that an accessory so “crucial” to my beauty was gone. In the time that’s passed, my ears have been itch-free and unbothered. I am learning that I can be bare and still my own brand of beautiful. I like my smile. I like my cocoa skin. I like my blue wristband that says, “The Marathon Continues”. I like the ridiculous way I imagine myself looking while having a gut-deep laugh. And I like the warmth I release when I give myself a break from being self-conscious. While a new, lovely pair of earrings is definitely on my wish list, I am telling myself that I have enough beauty to embrace for now.

Have you ever experienced a similar scenario?

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