3 A.M. Reminders

3am reminders: It is never too late to (re)commit to that goal or that vision placed inside you. It is always a good time to start somewhere and incorporate a small healthy habit into your routine:

  • Drinking a glass of water with every meal
  • Watching free, instructional YouTube videos to improve a skill
  • Writing a few sentences each day
  • Walking a lap around the track during lunch breaks
  • Saying “I love you” to one person in your family even if it’s “weird”
  • Emailing that potential mentor to schedule a coffee date
  • Adding a few dollars to an emergency savings account each week
  • Listening to that uplifting music playlist on Spotify
  • Saying “thank you” more

The list goes on…

You deserve it. And consider this: There is someone whose life will be positively impacted by your first step and your commitment thereafter. Your decision to begin something beautiful and see it through matters. This life is bigger than you. Don’t allow distractions, fear, or comparison to make you selfish.

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