You Are Not Weak

What if I told you this:

You are not weak

for walking

by faith

into cushioned couched offices

and narrating an hour of your burdens

in hunger for hope

and professional help.

You are not a failure

to God

for having a brain

that works over time

in a factory of worries,

sometimes paid in the disappointing wages

of a Great Depression.

You cannot be less than

because your mind struggles

to make sense

out of yourself in a world full of inequalities

And you should not be ashamed

if your journey

to trust God

is abundant

with creativity,

an imperfect story

of prayer and worship,

fitness and food,

seeking wise counsel,

and even taking medicine

for your brain,

like one would take insulin for diabetes.

You are more than a stigma to be left out of the history of champions.

You are living in spite of heavy weights.

You are a bright statistic.

You are equivalent to a future and a hope,

and your saved life will inspire many more

as it persists.

Know that you are embodying

mighty courage

in the small, scary steps.

You are bringing glory to God.

Would you believe me

if I said all this to you?

Would you believe me

if you knew

that my evidence was


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