“Can’t Stop Me Now”

Tell depression it can fly away
Tell my doubts that they can die today
I’ma catch me a wave, sail away
Can’t stop me now

“Can’t Stop Me Now” (Destination) by Lecrae

A few days ago, Lecrae released a new song entitled “Can’t Stop Me Now”. It’s vulnerable and encouraging, so I thought that I’d share the lyric video.


Last week, I decided to unplug from all social media for a month or so. It wasn’t easy deactivating my Facebook and deleting my Instagram and Snapchat apps. However, I’ve been struggling so much with comparing my life to the way that others’ lives are portrayed on social media.

Tonight, I slipped up and logged into Instagram’s online platform. Not a good idea. I fell into the same trap of partly admiring people’s photos and more often envying the photogenic, clever, and fun updates shared on my timeline.

After spending nearly an hour catching up on posts, I logged out and didn’t gain an ounce of fulfillment.


I mostly share my blog posts through social media, so it’s a bit weird just posting new entries without sharing them on Facebook.

If you’re reading this entry, thank you for your support! If you feel comfortable doing so, please pray for my strength. Pray that I will become more content with who I was created to be and that I will grow more conscious of all the blessings that enrich my life.








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