Forgive yourself for not always standing up for yourself.

Forgive yourself for pretending like those offenses made against you were okay and even laughable.

Forgive yourself for letting others define and limit you.

Forgive yourself for all the unkind words you’ve said to yourself and really believed.

You are not that person anymore; yet, even that version of “you” was still worthy of love.

Grace accounts for growth.

Grace recognizes that a bad day or a tough season makes your journey no less powerful.

Grace makes room for compassion.

Grace celebrates that nothing is wasted.

Grace gives you bravery to love and comfort others,

to plant boundaries in the light, shamelessly.

Your garden isn’t meant for everyone’s feeding.

Remember, you are no longer that beautiful person who didn’t know you were enough,

and soon, you will no longer be who you are today.

Grace is a gift to help you grow well.

Be free.

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