Peace Beyond Understanding

I am preparing to go to the doctor for what seems like the 100th time in the past year. Currently, I’m experiencing some mysterious health conditions. I feel simultaneously annoyed and humored. When I visit the doctor, the receptionist just welcomes me and says, “Hi, Jess”. Loneliness, too, has haunted me in cycles. I have questioned my personality and my contributions as a living being. I have wondered if it is realistic be a secure, young woman in a Instagram world.

Wildly though, I am still amazed. I am learning that peace can grow and survive in spite of challenging circumstances.

Journaling my prayers has been crucial for grounding my thoughts, including my fears, worries, embarrassments, and excitement. With my black gel pen, I walk God through a tour of my heart and mind. Sure, He already knows me fully, but journaling helps me to feel less alone in my struggles. It’s a reminder that I have a friend in God. Plus, I am easily distracted so it helps me big time to write and process. Being more consistent with writing words of gratitude, asking him for strength, and getting specific with my prayers has been a game changer.

If you are an overthinking human like me or just someone hoping to lose an outstanding weight (the weight of worry, the weight of heartbreak, the weight of whatever), I invite you to be creative in your outlet for prayer. You can be honest and unfiltered with God. You don’t have to worry about sounding like a broken record to the creator who delights in hearing you. Would you consider starting a journal? One advantage to writing some of your prayers is that you can literally look back on your journey and God’s faithfulness. When life presents stubborn battles, you can still experience a peace that exceeds all understanding.


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