Day 16: A Note on Knowledge

Growing up, I was a Nerd. I loved learning, thoughtfully and accurately completing my homework, and getting all the right answers on a test. Even though I was never the popular kid, I had “smart cred” 😆. I was one of the kids that people went to for help on assignments. I’m not proud of it, but I even cried the 3 times I got B’s in high school. (I am still mad at my gym and Algebra 2 teachers to this day! Jk)

With this context, you might understand that it’s hard for me to experience imperfection and uncertainty. I based a major part of my identity on knowing as much as I can. As I get older though, I learn more about myself and realize that there is SO MUCH that I don’t know. Rather than pretending like I have all the answers, I just straight up say, “I don’t know” when I’m uncertain. I push myself to learn what I can from life experience, people, and other knowledge sources. I ask a lot of questions when I talk to friends, mentors, and people who are just different than me. I share when I can, and I choose to live by faith daily when I don’t understand all the details.

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