A Morning Poem About Love

I opened my eyes this morning,

Fought the tease to stay hidden

underneath linen comforts

Last night, I left my phone in another room

so its screen wouldn’t swallow me

before I could even savor the day.

I took a long, hot shower.

Though I felt guilty for not conserving water,

It was too hard to resist the pouring medicine.

I dried myself in anticipation for the raw shea butter that could then

Smooth my skin,

And I took my skin in, eczema, Black, and all.

In awe.

I brushed my teeth and clothed myself,

remembering that as God dresses the wildflowers,

Beautiful and Unworried,

So he would provide for me.

I toasted two frozen Strawberry Eggos,

(Because I’ve never been the bougie type)

You know the kind with the likely artificial fruit,

And I burned them to an edible brown.


Before I walked out the door,

I prayed that I would love myself today –

Even if I would get no applause from the world.


On New Year’s Eve 2016, I bought this poetry journal from Five Below. I think it was a good investment.



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