Jess Reed

Since Feb. 2016, I've encouraged myself and others on this honest blog, Roots and Hope. I love to share my heart about faith, mental health, & young adulting.


Happiness has a home inside me And feels like laughter lounging on the couch of my stomach, Peace reclining on the rocking chair of my porch, Pain hidden in the forgotten drawer of batteries, receipts, and ketchup packets, Youthfulness jumping underneath my skin, defying time.


Poem (Untitled)

My birth certificate claims that I was just a ‘90s kid, Born in the middle of a freezing Detroit night. But didn’t it know that my heart already had a beat? Back when afros sheened with Black, unashamed glory, Back when dancers moved on magical platforms that elevated them to skyscraper heights, Back when Stevie […]


If Anxiety Were Alive

Anxiety is the older chatty woman who sits next to you on the plane. She didn’t check any baggage, or even bring a carry-on. She only carries an agenda with names.   Anxiety talks over the flight attendant’s famous speech just to talk at you. She could care less about reminding you to first put […]